The Grand Canyon Relief Coalition was established through the efforts of guides and three nonprofit organizations: Grand Canyon River Guides, The Whale Foundation, and Grand Canyon Youth. The Coalition aims to work together to specifically address the effects of COVID-19 on the guiding community (guides, drivers, warehouse employees) by: 

  • Offering critical financial support for guides in need through the Throw Bag Fund.
  • Connecting guiding community to a variety of Resources; support, service and supporting guide-owned businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has been like the out-of-the-blue wind storm on the river that knocks the dinner table over just before it’s time to serve. The timing couldn’t be worse.  It is estimated that in the Grand Canyon alone, over 800 guides, drivers and support staff (guide community) are out of work, with seasons that were supposed to start in mid-March to early April. Many in the guide community are expected to lose up to a third or more of their wages, and while many are filing for unemployment, some don’t qualify or those benefits aren’t sufficient to meet basic needs.

Being part of the guide community by its very definition is about support–navigating boats through rapids, picking cactus spines out of hands, and pulling someone from the river after they’ve fallen out of a raft. Now it is the guide community who need support so that when this crisis has passed, they can continue to share the magic of rivers with future passengers.  Please consider supporting the guide community at this challenging time. Reach out to with any questions. Thank you! Donate to the Throw Bag Fund Here

Thank you for your continued support of all three organizations and the guiding community!  It is deeply appreciated.