Peer Support Expeditions

We believe in the healing power of nature and community. Peer Support Expeditions connect youth with peers who share life experiences.

Wilderness experiences have the power to break down barriers and create lasting, meaningful, and supportive friendships for youth.  These expeditions embody our commitment to provide access to diverse groups of participants.


  • The Healing Lands Project connects young people who have experienced trauma with the healing power of nature, including youth who are survivors of domestic violence; who are interacting with the foster care system; and those who are interacting with the criminal justice system. Partners on this project include the Arizona Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative at Northern Arizona University’s Family Violence Institute; Victim Witness Services; and Child and Family Support Services.
  • Leading the Way brings together youth with visual and hearing impairments with typically-abled peers. This expedition is run in partnership with No Barriers Youth, the National Park Service Night Skies & Natural Sounds Division, Arizona Raft Adventures, & Grand Canyon Expeditions.
  • River Rampage serves youth from Arizona with a wide range of physical and mental abilities. In the wilderness, youth have opportunities to focus on acceptance, cooperation, and overcoming challenges.Run in partnership with Daring Adventures.
Photo by Ashley Moradipour