Photo by Eric Dudley

Wilderness experiences are transformational – especially for young people

The rivers and canyons of the Southwest provide an incredible setting for learning, adventure, and teamwork. Our unique educational approach, excellent staff, collaborative curriculum design, and small group sizes create lasting impacts for participants. Come explore with us!


Our educational philosophy is to inspire curiosity

We believe learning is deeper and more impactful when youth have ownership in every aspect of a program – planning, implementation, and reflection. This 3-step process ensures authentic learning and more meaningful connections between the wilderness and home. To accomplish this, we work with your group to choose a theme and plan activities that match your goals. Youth plan and implement a community service project and group fundraiser before their program. Learning on program is student-led, while supported by group leaders and Grand Canyon Youth guides. We believe this investment in education, service, and fundraising sets Grand Canyon Youth apart in quality and participant experience.


All young people benefit from wild places

Grand Canyon Youth serves schools, groups, and youth from across the country. We partner with a variety of teachers, outdoor clubs, scout troops, and other nonprofit youth organizations to provide educational experiences. We are devoted to creating unique, individualized expeditions that serve every group’s needs and meets their goals. Grand Canyon Youth expeditions fall into one of three categories:

  • Group & School Expeditions

    Travel with a set of youth from the same community that already know each other, and develop programs tied to school curriculum or pre-existing educational goals.

  • Individual Expeditions

    These programs are available for any youth to apply on their own. Grand Canyon Youth provides a robust curriculum connected to the places we visit, and participants from across the world come together, form communities, and explore.

  • Peer Support  Expeditions

    These programs connect youth with peers who share common life experiences. For example, we unite differently-abled youth, youth who have experiences in the foster system, or youth surviving family trauma on multi-day, eye-opening adventures.