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Here’s what past Grand Canyon Youth participants are saying about their experience...

“I really enjoyed sleeping on the sand and looking for shooting stars with some other people. We also found seven humpback chub in ONE backwater.”

“I have gotten more comfortable with others at a faster rate and I am not afraid to try new and exciting things.”

“I do feel like I have grown as a person after this trip. This was my first experience being away from home without my parents and it was fun being on my own for awhile.”

“I learned a lot from the science and feel more politically and culturally aware.”

“I felt more in tuned with my surroundings and history.”

“Helping my buddy climb to Indian ruins was an awesome experience for both of us. All of the buddies made me laugh one way or another.”

“Yes. I’ve become more independent and GCY made me a better person through community service.”

“I LOVE GCY! I love everything it does and it has changed my life by making me a much more confident person. Thank you!”

“The trip has revitalized an artist in me.”

“I have learned to lead as well as follow. I have learned to help.”

“I have only done a few long outdoor excursions before this trip. I had fun being away from society and learning the true meaning of ‘outside’.”

“Before the trip I was having some troubles with my friends and things going on at school. The trip was a nice break for me and also a mental epiphany. I realized how much more there is in the world than high school and how important it is to remember those things.”

“I loved the trip so much I can’t describe it! I’m amazed at the efforts your staff makes to provide this experience for young people. You should know that all of your work and efforts were worth every minute to me! Thank you for completing my senior year. I love you guys!!!”

“I learned how to responsible in nature.”

“I learned better ways to take care of myself and others. I actually had fun without my iPod or cell for 5 days.”

“I feel more confident of my ability to cope with unfamiliar situations and I’ve discovered leadership qualities I wasn’t fully aware I had.”

“Because I learned how to take responsibility for myself, I’ve learned more than I thought I was going to on the trip and it was just time to get away and learn about new things that I’ve never done or heard about.”

“GCY was a great experience that was not only educational, but a lot of fun. I would recommend this program to anyone who loves nature, camping, and having a great time. The volunteer projects were a fun experience. It’s nice to know that you can help your community. This trip created memories that will last a lifetime.”

“You always learn so much that it makes you not only a part of the canyon but also makes a person curious about life.”

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