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As you re-enter day-to-day life, a little piece of your river experience will travel with you.

Your Trip Coordinator will host a post-trip party for everyone to share their stories and pictures. It’s also a good time to write thank-you notes to guides and others who have supported you on your trip.

Stay involved! A few of our alumni who began as participants in seventh grade and participated every year through high school now work for us as professional guides or volunteers in the summer.

Sometimes the transition back to “the world on top” can be challenging. This is an excerpt from an article written by Kate Watters, who has worked as a guide and Trip Coordinator for GCY. “De-rig” day is the last day of a trip.

We leave the narrow walls of ancient rock for the plains of Seligman and encounter our first phone, toilet, and money exchange in weeks. We are greeted by the price of gas, a Subway sandwich, and the latest disaster on the pages of the newspaper… 

We leave behind a random group of people who began the journey as acquaintances and after traveling 225 river miles together, we now consider family. We trade all this intimacy for streets and cars and phones and stores where the possibilities extend to cyberspace and we can buy food prepared and served by strangers for an exchange in currency.  

We return to our family, friends, and to our communities — to the microcosm of the world that we have created. We return renewed and fueled by a sense of urgency to make our lives simple, more immediate. We arrive back in our lives with relief and gratitude, remembering to be more tolerant and gracious with many species, including our own.

We take with us all that we have learned, all the wonder we have witnessed with each day. We take with us the hope that reverence may find a way into our daily life. We leave behind the deep time of the canyon but carry it with us within our hearts. 

All this on de-rig day.

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