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Here’s what past Trip Coordinators have to say about the Grand Canyon Youth experience...

“So many familiar boundaries were broken for students on this trip. Students built new friendships and learned a lot about the physical geography and science of the area as well as about themselves.”

“Students participated in teamwork as members of cook crews and worked cooperatively with guides, teachers and one another. Students escaped electricity for 4 days; they were totally unplugged. They slept beneath the stars, experienced the elements, kept writing journals, and presented educational projects on site.”

“Highlights of the trip were numerous for sure... paddling the rapids, meals, educational talks by guides, the side canyons we went to were incredible. The kids really looked out for each other and really knew how to have a good time. Everyone was easygoing, interested in learning and eager to try new things.”

“I think we were all enchanted by the sunshine, fresh air, water, and companionship.”

“The Philadelphia students were perpetually stunned by the sights they were seeing and the stories they were hearing. The Southwest is a very different and unique landscape for the East Coasters and this was exciting for them.”

“The highlights of the trip really included watching 20 students find their way in developing new friendships in unknown places, figuring out how to incubate a new community on the river.”

“Many youths enjoyed rowing the boats and helping in the kitchen. They loved the science and having the ability to make decisions and be treated like young adults and part of a team.”

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